Warranty Information and Guidelines

Computechnologies Service Department will provide the services covered under this Warranty.

Warranty period

This warranty applies for the period defined on the label sticker at the back of the Product or the date indicated on the Sales Invoice.

Proof Of Purchase

If proof of purchase cannot be provided, the delivery date as recorded by Computechnologies will be deemed to be the start of the Warranty Period.


  • Computechnologies Corporation warrants the Product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the Warranty Period. If the Product fails during normal and proper use within the Warranty Period, Computechnologies will provide full assistance for warranty claim to the sole distributor of the product at its discretion for repair or replace the defective parts of the Product, or the Product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied.
  • This Warranty applies only if the Product was newly manufactured on the Date of Purchase and not sold as used, refurbished or manufacturing seconds. Please keep the proof of purchase and this warranty certificate for future service requests.
  • This Warranty does not include failure caused by improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, accident, damage, misuse, abuse, modifications to the product, any third-party parts, normal wear and tear or any other event, act, default or omission outside Computechnologies’ control.

Customer responsibility in using the Product

  • Read the user manual first and use the product only according to the user manual.
  • Keep the original packaging. In case the Product needs to be returned for repair, original
    packaging provides better protection for the Product during transportation.
  • Please check the manual and the support website for troubleshooting solutions
    before contacting customer service.


  • An item with CTC Warranty Seal Sticker
  • Proof of Purchase
  • After notification of claims, the technical department will schedule pick up on the next business day within Metro Manila