A4TECH KLS-5 Keyboard

Model Name: A4TECH-KLS-5
Brand: A4TECH
Color: Black
Keyboard: KLS-5
Keycaps: Slim
Hotkeys: 7
Character: Laser Engraving



Multimedia Keyboard
-Natural_A Keycaps

Patented Natural_A Shape Key Structure
-The exclusive Natura_A Shape Key Structure is designed to emulate a natural typing
position preventing Repetitive Strain Injury (Anti-RSI) to wrist, neck and shoulders.

Patented A-shapre keys promote natural typing position
-One-touch hotkeys for fast access to the useful functions

Compact Size with Slim Profile
-The keyboard is great space saver on your desktop.

Laser Inscribed Key
-Ensure you will never loose key indentify.

One-Touch Hoykeys
-Fast access to the useful functions.

Large Enter Key
-Large L shape enter key for convenience.


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